A solution to the mildew of a telescope lens
Apr 11, 2018

It is a very common thing for us to be mouldy, but we must find the solution in time. If it is not handled properly, it may cause damage to the lens. If it does not matter how long it may be, it is very difficult to clean up. So what should we do for the mould of telescope lenses? Here's a detailed introduction for you.

To judge whether the telescope's lens is mouldy? We have to check the lens of the telescope in two to three months. In general, the telescope's lenses are well covered, so it's hard to get the dust into it, but the telescope must be in the dry air, so it can be reduced. Less mildew, so every two to three months we have the best to open the lid and the mirror cover, so that the telescope is "breathable" to see if the telescope is mouldy.

Put in the dry space, put some desiccant, can you avoid the mildew of the telescope lens? In general, put some desiccant around the telescope. Many people think it is a very safe way to stop the tide, but the time will not be very long, so we need to change the drier often. When the telescope appears moldy, it will stop moldy in time.

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