How to buy a high power telescope
Jul 14, 2018

How to buy a high power telescope?

High-powered telescopes, as the name implies, are telescopes with high magnification. As binoculars, it is generally referred to as binoculars with a magnification of 16 times or more. Because binoculars are mobile handheld. If the binoculars are too high, the control will be unstable.

Based on the above reasons, some brands basically do not produce high-power binoculars, so as not to affect the customer's use of word of mouth. For example, the world's first brand of American doctors can basically produce more than 16 times of binoculars.

However, some high-end binoculars are also in production. As long as the customer is in use, pay attention to the control, and the magnification of 16-20 times can still be used well. More than 20 times theoretically requires the use of a tripod.

At present, in the high-power binoculars, the most powerful brands are the American doctoral and the Yukon River Yukon, Russia. This is the only two internationally renowned brands in the world that produce 20-30 times binoculars. If you need high-power double Binoculars, Dr. and YUKON are your best choice.

Because the binoculars are too high and easy to shake, the stable image telescope is bred and raised. The most famous one is the Canon 18X50. The picture below is a top-level high-definition high-powered telescope series.

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