How to distinguish between true and false telescopes
Apr 11, 2018

Telescope can see the distance from Qingyuan, and bring great convenience to your life. Do you know? There are also true and false telescopes. How do we tell them? Let's introduce below.

1. look at the appearance

Indeed, binoculars are below the eyepiece, indicating the actual multiplier and objective caliber. For example, 12X50 is 12 times and the objective diameter is 50 millimeters. Fake telescopes will show false numbers such as 99980X4800, and they are multiples, 20 times, 40 times, 60 times and so on. The maximum multiplier of this kind of telescope may be only 5 times. It belongs to children's toy type. It can only see a few meters away.

2. see multiple

Generally speaking, the multiplier of telescope is 7 to 20 times, and 20 times that must be single cylinder or zoom telescope. The way to identify the multiple is to pick up the telescope, 30 to 40 centimeters from the eye, to see the bright spot in the eyepiece, the smaller the bright spot of the eyepiece, the smaller the multiples of the bright spot, the 50 millimeter of the object lens, the 20 times the size of the small rice grain, 16 times the size of the small grain sorghum grain, and 12 times the size of the sorghum grain, and the mung bean. The largest is 10 times, which is 7 times larger than that of soya bean, and 5 times higher than that of soya bean. This is the most accurate method to check the multiple.

3. look at coating

Indeed, the coating of the telescope is plated and never dropped off. The mirror body is metal. The false coating is sticked up, or the red plastic tube, the mirror body is mostly plastic.

4. look at the color

The outer skin of the real telescope is clear, and the fake, in order to be beautiful, is usually colorful and dark green. It is said to be Russian made, and it is impossible to go to Russia after you have taken it. In addition, there are no markings on the real lenses, what are the five pointed stars, the earth, or the coordinates are used as military telescopes.

5. eyeglass

The telescope lens matter really is a piece of glass of pure water, without any harm to people's eyes. The fake lens is the resin chip pressed by artificial mould, which is harmful to human glasses for a long time.

6. look at the certificate

I have the telescope product certificate, manual, manufacturer, three cards are complete. And the false can not also dare not provide these documents.

7. look at the calculation formula

Real telescopes indicate the width of the field of view, 20 times as much as 52 meters for 1000 meters, 16 times as much as 62 meters for 1000 meters, 12 times for 1000 meters to 80 meters, 1000 meters for 1000 meters, and 10 times more than 99 meters, while false binoculars are the numbers that people can't understand.

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