Selection of the best filming instrument for bird shooting - Spotting scopes
Apr 11, 2018

In recent years, with the development of international bird watching activities, especially the rapid progress of digital cameras, it is possible to take pictures through telescopes, and the telescopic photography represented by bird photography

Go down the aristocratic altar and fly into the house of ordinary people.

Telescopes + camera, composed of telescope photography, high quality glass glass lens, unique color dissipation process, a single tube telescope, provides a new lens for ultra telescopic photography.

The image quality is guaranteed.

It usually takes more than 400 millimetres when people take a bird, especially small birds like the brown head sparrow, the tail sun bird, the kingfisher, the sparrow and so on.

Focus lens, otherwise the bird can only present a small dot in the picture.

The traditional camera with a professional 600 millimeter auto focus lens, although it is a bird's weapon, but the price is very expensive, often up to six or seven million yuan, not the ordinary people can bear.

In addition, the professional "cannon" is very heavy. It takes much effort to transport, and brings some limitations to the creation. For example, Leica telescope has a focal length of 440 millimeters.

After using the SLR camera, you can make 800 mm (or 1000 mm) lens, and the price is only 10 thousand yuan.

Applicable subject matter

With the continuous development of China's bird watching movement, more and more people engaged in telescopes photography, its bright color, rich level, let people surprise, let people love. Take pictures

Chao Wangyuan's photographic equipment, which is skillfully integrated with machine technology and telescope technology, has provided some innovative tools for people's creation.  Whether it's bird photography or documentary photography,

Criminal investigation photography has a very practical value.  Some seemingly unreachable themes, such as the moon, are also very easy for telescopes. In addition, telescope photography

With a very large focal length and very shallow depth of field, a new composition can be made for the photographers who like to shoot lotus, city buildings and so on.

In the Chinese field of photography, telescope photography is still a relatively unfamiliar area, a newly developed virgin land, perhaps a lot of potential practical subjects can be used, perhaps

There are a lot of opportunities to explore innovative achievements, perhaps there are many fun waiting for people to taste a bit of exploring.

Key to operation

1, turn the special socket into the telescope body, then rotate the different brands of camera to connect it, and you can shoot the camera installed.

2. Using a sturdy three foot support camera, it is best to use the shutter line to move the shutter to minimize the unnecessary vibration; the three foot frame is not only to operate the handy, but also to be stable.

Otherwise, the picture will appear false and unrealistic.

3, the right hand holds the three foot frame's pitching button and locks in time. The left hand adjusts the fine adjustment button on the telescope, and then focuses on it quickly and uses the shutter line to shoot. To study a photographer,

Grasp the three steps to adjust the foot frame, familiar with the feeling of focusing on the shutter, strive to achieve the man-machine integration, one step in place, in order to catch the fleeting moments.

4. After a single mirror camera is connected to a telescope, a telescope with a diameter of 77 millimeters is actually a fixed focus lens with a maximum aperture of 10.4, using a Leica single camera (such as a R8 camera).

Or Canon camera (such as 20D, EOS 50E) can be photographed with aperture priority function, to ensure that the exposure is accurate. Using Nikon camera, some cameras can maintain the aperture priority function.

And the other part can only use "M" to set the shutter speed, such as Nikon D100, Nikon D70 and so on, but because the digital camera has the ability to make a shot, just take one or two photos at the scene.

You can know the exact exposure speed. In addition, because the maximum aperture is only 10.4, the viewfinder of some ordinary cameras will be relatively dark, and it will be difficult to operate.

5, proficient with coke technology, tracking moving objects, as long as the light intensity is appropriate, the camera speed can be more than 1/500 seconds, enough to follow the shutter to catch the bird.

6, try to use more than 400 degrees of film and digital camera's high sensitivity position, improve the shooting speed, ensure the image is clear.

7, under the permissible conditions, we should try to get close to the shooting, which can greatly improve the quality of the picture.

Equipment selection

Telescopes: the telescopes used for shooting usually have two choices: bend and straight. If the photographers are mainly engaged in horizontal shooting and elevation shooting, corner telescopes can be selected.

It can maintain a more comfortable posture. If a photographer is mainly looking at shooting, it is more convenient to use straight telescope. The operation habit of telescope photography and the traditional manual operation.

The focusing lens is basically the same. When the left hand adjust the binoculars focusing button, it can press the shutter.

Connecting tube: the special tube is a lens with a lens, using special connection tube and special ring of different brand cameras, the traditional camera and single telescope can be combined to use.

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