What are the advantages and disadvantages of night vision telescopes
Aug 29, 2018

What are the advantages and disadvantages of night vision telescopes

   The night vision device can see the target in no matter how dark the light is, but the night vision device cannot be used during the day. At the same time, its magnification is limited, and the observation distance is limited. The farthest night vision device cannot observe more than 500 meters at night. Therefore, it is not the same as the observation distance of the telescope during the day.

   When buying, be sure to have this mental preparation.

3. Thermal Imager – the latest night vision telescope

   The thermal imager also becomes a passive night vision telescope, which also requires a battery. The imaging principle of the thermal imager is based on the temperature difference of the target, so it has nothing to do with the light of the target. This means that the thermal imager can be used during the day and night. In the night vision function, the thermal imager is less affected by environmental factors than the infrared night vision device.

    The price of the thermal imager is between 3 and 1 million and the price is high. Thermal imagers are digital, resolution and lens directly affect the observation distance. The average thermal imager's observation distance is 200-1000 meters.

    Thermal Imager The advantages and disadvantages of night vision telescopes:

    The thermal imager is farther away from the infrared night vision device and is not affected by the target brightness. But during the day, although it can be used, it is definitely not as good as a normal telescope. In addition to the thermal imager, the target is more like a negative film, and more is to see the target outline, but can not clearly see the target.

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