What is binoculars and what are its characteristics
Jul 14, 2018

What is binoculars and what are its characteristics?

       Binoculars (hereinafter referred to as "double barrels") have the advantages of clear and bright imaging, large field of view, convenient carrying, and low price. They are suitable for astronomy enthusiasts to patrol and observe surface celestial bodies such as nebulae, star clusters and comets.

If you have been using high-magnitude, long-focus telescopes in the past, you may not realize that you have lost a lot of observations, then try binoculars, you will definitely be deep in the field of view that you have never seen before. Deep intoxication. Due to its wide range of uses, binoculars have a wide variety of products on the market and their performance varies greatly.

     Binoculars are just as useful as astronomical observation tools. You can use it to watch a game, a concert or a bird in the sky. You can also use it to admire the galaxy of two million light years, the crater on the moon, several moons around Jupiter, galaxies and nebulae.

Many people are mistaken for binoculars to do nothing in astronomical observation. In fact, it is a favorite tool for many experienced astronomical observers.


For beginners, it is a ticket to the gates of astronomical observations. Binoculars are not expensive, you only need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a good pair of binoculars.

Each pair of binoculars is marked with a set of numbers such as 7x50. The first number "7" on the binoculars specification is the "magnification", and the second number "50" is the lens diameter. The seven-fold model is a best-selling model that brings nearly seven times the amount of everything you watch. You can also buy 10x, 16x, you may think that high magnification is necessary for astronomical purposes, but it is not. A 7x binocular is good enough, and then we will talk about the advantages of 7x over most of the high-magnitude models.

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