Why bird watching telescopes have a certain point of existence
Apr 11, 2018

The bird watching telescope is required to be a group of bird watchers. They are the most demanding ethnic groups in the world for the optical quality of binoculars. Because of this, telescope manufacturers have invested huge amounts of material and financial resources in bird watching telescopes, competing for better quality telescopes. It can be said without hesitation that bird's eye binoculars represent the highest level of telescopes in the telescope below 50mm.

The performance of bird watching telescope in the field can be reduced to three parts: image quality, ease of use / handle and waterproof and anti building performance. The perfect bird watching telescope should show the real details and colors of the birds, just as the birds are in front of us, and in all distance and light, they can be perfectly presented. Bird watchers can carry them all day without feeling mental and physical fatigue. In the rain, accidental immersion, severe temperature change, or all kinds of possible collisions and vibrations, bird watching telescope is safe. Of course, the most important thing is that the telescope should be accessible to bird watchers.

Bird watching has the most stringent requirements for the imaging of telescopes. It is also the ultimate goal for many telescope manufacturers to develop and create. The needs of users of bird watching telescope are a powerful driving force for optical design.

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