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How Can A High Double Binoculars Be Watched Stably
Apr 11, 2018

If more than 15 times of binoculars can not be connected to the three foot frame, the handheld watch will be influenced by the impact of the jitter. Is it 15 times more than the binoculars held in the forbidden area? The answer is negative. Several tips are summed up in the light of experience:

The right hand holds the prism room to facilitate the focusing of the index finger. At this time, the left hand should hold the left lens barrel as far as possible. This can make the telescope's force more balanced and stable.

When watching the fixed target, after adjusting the focal length, both hands can leave the prism room and hold the position of both sides of the center of gravity of the telescope.

Try to find the backing for your arms and your body. If you place your elbow on the windowsill, lean your body or arms on the tree.

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