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How To Maintain A Telescope In Daily Life
Apr 11, 2018

In life, people use something superfluous to protect things, a lot of life products need more maintenance to maintain longer use time, as if the use of military telescopes, in appearance and generally cheap telescopes, no difference, but the use of the function, and production materials have a lot different. Therefore, in life, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of telescopes before we can use them more effectively.

Before maintenance, first of all to understand the structure of these telescopes, so to do a good job of maintenance work, first of all the overall structure of the telescope, the mirror body is the main body, so in the maintenance, it is necessary to know that there are several parts of the process, the cleaning process, every small part should be cleaned to prevent one. Some dust enters the telescope, which increases the corrosion of those substances to the telescope.

In the presence of the object mirror, it is used to accept a distant object, or a concentrated target, so be sure to protect this part, especially after every use, use a special clean liquid to wipe clean, and do not have any retention on it, so that it will not cause the wrong shadow to the observation. Ring. In addition, a matching protective sleeve should be selected when traveling.

This professional telescope itself is special, and every function is set, if the way you keep it is wrong, it will have a certain impact on your observation, like the outdoor observers, the telescopes they use, basically wiping out with dry rag after every day of use. In addition to the above dust residue, especially in the natural world, we should pay special attention to this cooperation.

Many telescopes have been used for ten years because of their poor protection, but some of the parts within a short period of time have been corroded, causing the telescope to be unable to use it. And the selection of the lenses is the focus of the entire military telescope, and the optical telescope can also have high quality requirements, so in the maintenance process, the lenses themselves are single to save.

Moreover, the telescopes of these metal materials must have a special storage space, which can easily be corroded in the air for a long time, and even have some bad problems, such as lens coating, and paraffin wax are the preservation formula of many military telescope collectors, increasing the actual birth of each telescope. Life in life. And in the process of use, you should also choose an easy device in the river to fix its position to prevent the sloshing of the activity and back to the telescope itself.

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