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How To Spot Bad Outdoor Telescopes
Sep 02, 2018

The method of identifying inferior outdoor telescope is as follows;

1. Very light weight

The average good telescope has a certain amount of weight, even if it is a pocket telescope, in the hand, also very feel, will not feel light. Poor quality telescopes are mostly made of plastic to save money.

Night vision telescopes

Illegal vendors lie about night vision because their telescopes are coated in red film, which is totally nefarious. Besides the decoration, the red film basically has no advantages, and there is no night vision. Blue film, green film is good.

Military telescopes

The look is colorful and misleading. Real military binoculars do not have to be colorful, and are more expensive and less colorful.

4. Long dizziness

In order to increase production, without correcting the parallelism of the optical axis of the two mirrors, it will feel dizzy after using the telescope for a long time.

The packing is very simple

The formal telescope package is not necessarily luxurious, but it is very delicate and easy to store the telescope again later.

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