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Is The Price Of The Traveling Telescope High?
Aug 19, 2018

Travel telescope prices are high or low, generally what price has, the price will be based on its brand, quality, function to decide.

Below I make a simple purchase recommendation for outdoor telescopes, which are commonly used in China, basically according to two classification criteria, weight: it directly illustrates the portability of one of the most important indicators of outdoor telescopes, which is less than 500 g, 500-1000 g, 1000 g. Price: It shows the quality and performance of the telescope from the side, more importantly, the price is a decisive factor in your choice of telescope. Less than 500 yuan, 500-1000 yuan, 1000 yuan or more.

1, below 500g, less than 500 yuan.

It is suitable for the pursuit of absolutely lightweight donkey, and its optical performance is not very high.

The navigator 2305-018X25 of Xi'an Aiguang Company is worth recommending. As the only nitrogen-filled and waterproof variety below 500 yuan, compact and lightweight is its greatest advantage. The metal shell is made of multi-layer coating, and the overall optical quality and manufacturing quality are quite good. The drawback is that the size of the pupil can not be avoided, the observation is not comfortable for a long time, and the brightness is also low.

2, 500g below, 500-1000 yuan between

Basically, the telescope at this level has relatively reasonable optical performance and relatively lightweight weight.

Recommended retired military Zeiss 6X30 and 8X30, both have good optical and mechanical quality, light, good color restore, good grip, durable, worthy of the true color of military mirrors, although not filled with nitrogen but sealing enough to cope with bad weather in the field, there is no external coating, but the overall is quite solid. . The pupil of 8X30 is slightly smaller. 6X30 is very good, but the only regret is that the eyepiece is smaller. Also, because of the early single layer coating, the backlight effect is not very good.

3, below 500g, more than 1000 yuan.

This level has all the qualities that an outdoor telescope should have, of course the price is not to be left behind.

The 8X30 series of Nitrogen-filled waterproof coating made of engineering plastic lens in Germany is an ideal portable outdoor telescope because of its light structure and good optical quality. It's disgusting to deceive the layman's false propaganda.

4, 500-1000g, less than 500 yuan.

The firmness of this level has been enhanced.

It is recommended that the decommissioned domestic 62 military telescope have similar basic design structure and Zeiss 8X30, but its sealing and ruggedness are better. Especially the multilayer coating is used to improve the backlighting performance. Unfortunately, there is no coating, and the color is a little yellowish.

5, 500-1000g, 500-1000 yuan.

It's not too bad at this level. Feeling like a chicken rib, it's recommended that retired Zeiss 7X50 military mirrors, most of which have been renovated and re-coated by military factories, are of considerable optical quality, good sealing, good color restoration, comfortable observation, and great advantage in dark light. With such a small amount of money, such a large aperture can be obtained. The power weapon is still very cost-effective. The drawback is that it is a little big and not very convenient to carry.

6, 500-1000g, more than 1000 yuan.

Personally, I think the best outdoor telescopes are in this category, and there are quite a lot of classical good mirrors. I recommend Leica Trinovid 7x42 BN, water-proof and nitrogen-filled coated, the best optical glass, the best optical design and the most rigorous processing technology to create the top-grade optical quality, ridge edge. Mirror design makes the volume smaller, large caliber high brightness and reasonable multiple, first-class technology and feel, scratch-resistant superhard multi-layer coating, once possessed, nothing else. The disadvantage is that it is expensive.

7, above 1000g, less than 500 yuan.

This level of optical quality is quite high, are large caliber, there is no doubt that large caliber to facilitate the observation of dark light, such as in the moonlight to observe the River drinking animals, large caliber becomes a necessary condition, but 500 yuan below the requirements seem to be only civil Oros telescope can achieve, but I It is not recommended that they are sealed enough to meet harsh field requirements.

8, 1000g or above, 500-1000 yuan.

It seems that only Russia's 7X30 is selected all-weather. The military background of this mirror has created a solid shell and a rubber-coated shell with high sealing. The optical quality is also very high. Unfortunately, the heavily yellowish color is very uncomfortable for the individual, and the 1200g weight is only 30 calibre, which feels a little awkward. The 10X42 caliber of the same kind is large, but the volume is huge enough to be unacceptable.

9, 1000g or above, more than 1000 yuan.

Domestic 95 military mirror 7X40, nitrogen-filled waterproof, optical quality is excellent, the price is good, the appearance is a bit rough, the most failure is no coating. The 7X40 DF and 7X40 EDF are good choices for retired East German military spectacles. They are of first-class optics, waterproof and glue-filled with nitrogen. The latter is roof prism design, which is smaller and almost impeccable. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to buy in China.

In short, for different people, due to the different emphasis on requirements, the choice of outdoor telescope will be different, there is no uniform applicable law, according to your requirements and preferences to choose a suitable outdoor telescope, will bring great fun to your outdoor life.

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