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Storage Of Binoculars
Apr 11, 2018

Ensure that the telescope is stored in a ventilated, dry and clean place to prevent mildew. The dryer can be stored around binoculars, and dryer can be changed regularly if there are conditions.

If binoculars are not in use, please cover the eyepiece lid and the lens cover, or store them in the double tube knapsack and box.

The dirty stains on the residual product lens with lens cleaning cloth, to professional (or professional lens paper) gently wipe. Do not scrape the mirror. Or use the ball to clean the dust on the lens. If you want to clean the mirror, apply a few superior pure anhydrous alcohol on the absorbent cotton station and wipe it from the center of the mirror to the edge of the mirror. And constantly replace the defatted cotton ball until wipe it clean.

The telescope is a precision instrument, so it is important not to fall heavily into the telescope, to press hard or to do other violent actions.

Non professionals don't try to remove the telescope themselves and clean the inside of the telescope.

Although some binoculars have waterproof function, it is advised to avoid exposing them to the fire water.

The binoculars with built-in batteries should remove batteries when they are not in use for a long time.

The storage and application of products should avoid magnetic materials and avoid the pointing error or no work of military double cylinders.

Do not directly observe the strong light sources such as the sun. When you look at the sun directly, you need to set the binocular solar filters on the objective lens.

Do not use the mouth to blow the lens, so as to avoid the saliva corrosion lens

Do not use my hands to touch the lens, so as to avoid lens stained with oil and finger printing

Never place binoculars in direct sunlight, so as to avoid fire.

Do not put binoculars in closed cars under direct heating or direct sunlight.

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