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The Difference Between A Bird - Watching Mirror And A Telescope
Feb 10, 2019

Bird watchers are among the most demanding telescope operators in the world, especially in terms of optical quality, and telescope manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into it. It can be said that, among the telescopes below 50mm, the birding telescope represents the current level of telescope manufacturing, which is the top level of telescope. But users seem far from satisfied, with more advanced models still in development.

The field performance of a bird-watching telescope can be summed up in three areas: image quality, ease of use/feel, and water resistance. The perfect bird-watching telescope should show the true details and colors of birds, just like the birds in front of us, at all distances and in all light conditions. You can carry them with you all day without mental or physical fatigue. In case of rain or accidental flooding, in case of violent temperature changes, all possible collisions and vibrations should be safe and sound. At the end of the day, the telescope should still be an affordable bird-watching telescope and the need for users is a powerful driver of optical design. Modern binoculars are enough for hunting, sports watching, military police monitoring, and scenery watching, but not enough for birding! Bird watching has the most demanding imaging requirements for telescopes. The plumage of birds has the richest details and the widest range of colors in nature. We need to be able to distinguish all of this. No one is as dedicated to perfect imaging as we are.

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