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The Difference Between A Compass And A Compass
Aug 05, 2018

Geological three pieces: Geological hammer, compass, magnifying glass. The compass has more functions than the outdoor compass. The compass can only be used to judge the direction, the compass and the inclination, inclination and so on. The compass is developed on the basis of the compass! Please take a closer look at the content.

The difference between compass and compass is summarized as follows:

The compass, also known as Luo Jingyi, is a tool commonly used for geomantic exploration and is commonly used by Li faction. The compass consists mainly of a magnetic needle in the center of the disc and a series of concentric circles, each of which represents a Chinese ancients' understanding of a certain level of information in the large system of the universe. Chinese ancients believed that human's gas field was controlled by the universe's gas field. Harmony between man and the universe was good luck, and disharmony between man and the universe was evil. So, with experience, they put all the information at all levels in the universe, such as the stars in the sky, all things that represent the five acts on the ground, and the branches of heaven and earth, all of them on the compass. Geomantic omen seeks the most suitable position or time for a specific person or specific thing by rotating the magnetic needle. Although the concept of "magnetic field" is not mentioned in geomantic science, the coordination between the directions, directions and intervals between the circles on the compass implies the law of the "magnetic field".

Compass, compass is the result of ancient Chinese workers' understanding of magnetic magnetism in long-term practice. As one of the four great inventions in ancient China, its invention played an inestimable role in the development of human science and technology and civilization.  In ancient China, compass was first applied to sacrifice, etiquette, military affairs and divination, and to determine the direction of geomantic omen.

The first contact with a compass is intimidated by a circle of words on the disk, which is mysterious and mysterious. In fact, in order to understand geomantic water, learn to understand the compass, do not need the wisdom of human, just like other knowledge and skills, mastery of the geomantic compass also needs an advanced process, the first step is to understand the relevant basic knowledge. Geomantic compass is the most important tool for geomantic omen to observe the sky, so the quality is particularly important. Any professional geomant knows a truth, that is, the quality of the compass is related to the accuracy of the position measurement and directly affects the accuracy of the vertical layout, so it is very careful to choose the compass.

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