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The Difference Between Magnetic Building Blocks And Wooden Blocks
Aug 19, 2018

Although there is no direct harm to magnetic building blocks, but the Chinese and foreign toy makeup still advises parents not to let their children play magnetic toys for a long time, for fear that the child accidentally ate the magnetic ball, magnetic toys, causing harm. Second child's hygienic consciousness is not strong, do not wash their hands after playing, eat and so on, a long time will lead accumulation, high lead easily lead to a variety of diseases; In addition, children's toys had better choose a trustworthy brand, in regular supermarkets, shopping malls to buy toys, pay attention to the national compulsory product certification marks, see clearly the name of the commodity, health. Manufacturer information, staple materials or ingredients, poor age group manufacturers will use toxic pigments or formaldehyde content exceeding the standard, which will lead to infant brain defects. Next, let's talk about the difference between magnetic building blocks and wooden blocks.

If you can control your child's play time, buy magnets. After all, that's more attractive, but you don't know if it's affecting his health. If you can control his play time, I don't think it's a big problem. Otherwise, I suggest you buy wooden blocks.

The difference between magnetic building blocks and wooden blocks is:

Price: wood blocks are cheaper than magnetic blocks.

Play: magnetic building blocks do not have the limitations of the "block" of wooden building blocks, can perfectly interpret the composition of the object, the modeling is realistic enough, its classic lifting molding, related to geometric morphology logic, 2D into 3D, even 300 pieces of wooden building blocks can not match its changes;

Safety: there are no small particles in magnetic blocks, so children should not swallow them.

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