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The Number Of Magnification Of The Outdoor Telescopes Is Appropriate
Jul 22, 2018

Generally speaking, ordinary handheld binoculars should not exceed 10 times, because the telescope will shake slightly when holding a telescope. When the telescope is observed, the jitter will be magnified, the higher the multiplier, the greater the jitter, a violent jitter, the human eye is not clear. This is also the reason why the magnification of military telescopes is generally only 6 \ \ 7 \ \ 8 times. Even if the telescope placed on the three foot is limited, because the atmosphere is affected by ground building and other factors, the density is not uniform, and a slight refraction will occur when the light reflected (or transmitted, transmitted) in the distance passes through the uneven density of the gas. Blur. And the higher the telescope is, the more obvious the fuzziness. Generally speaking, in low altitude cities, the multiplier of telescope should not exceed 40 times. In addition to large magnification, the actual field of view is small. In this way, it is not conducive to finding and finding targets, which is especially unfavorable to the observation of changing targets frequently. Even after finding a good target, it is easy to lose the target if the three tripod slightly swaying. For automatic tracking devices, manual adjustment is often necessary to keep the target within the field of vision. In addition, it is necessary to increase the aperture of the objective lens accordingly to ensure that the imaging has enough brightness. In this way, the volume, weight and price of telescopes will increase dramatically. Therefore, it should not be a one-sided pursuit of multiple. As for many high times telescopes on the market, the multiples are generally exaggerated and some of them are true. The reason for this is very simple. The primary purpose of this situation is to pursue profit rather than to popularize the correct knowledge of the telescope, since the market needs high times. Telescopes, rather than guiding the correct consumption concept, are better suited to the simplicity of this consumption concept.

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