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The Structure Of The Outdoor Telescopes
Jul 22, 2018

Outdoor telescopes are the products that travel must be carried. We can see the scenery in the distance through the outdoor telescopes, and make people enjoy the beautiful scenery. Since the outdoor telescopes are so practical, what is the structure of the outdoor telescope?

The structure of the outdoor telescopes is as follows.

1. Mirror body group: the body of the mirror body is the main body of the telescope. It is divided into the left and right mirror. The body is connected by the connecting shaft. Its function is to support the upper and lower right angle prism, and to connect the object lens group and the eyepiece group.

2. Objective group: objective group consists of lens and lens tube. The objective group is connected to the mirror body with threads, which acts on the focal plane to receive rays from distant objects (or targets).

3. Eyepiece group: eyepiece group consists of lens, spectacle frame, visual hand wheel and so on. The eyepiece group and the mirror body are connected by the screw press ring. The function is to magnify the image of the object lens for the eye observation. The rotation of the visual hand wheel can adjust the visual degree of the eyepiece to meet the requirements of the eyes of different visual degrees. The range is 4 of the refractive index.

4. Reticle: the reticle in the left eyepiece of the telescope can measure the direction, height, angle and sight distance of the known target.

The reticle is vertically divided, horizontally divided and stadia divided. The horizontal and vertical partition values are 5 dense bits and the large grid value is 10 dense bits.

The sight distance is designed with the measured target height of 2m. The measurement range is from 400m to 2000m. In 1000m, each small grid value is 50m and each large lattice value is 100m; in 1000m to 2000m, each small lattice value is 100m, and each large lattice value is 500m.

5, connection axis: the connecting shaft is the connecting piece of the left and right mirror of the telescope, and it is also the hub of adjusting the distance within the range of 58-74mm, and also the core of the binocular image.

6. Protective cover and straps: objective lens cover and eyepiece cover are designed to protect lens and eyepiece lens. The telescope cover should be covered when not in use to protect the lens from damage. The strap is connected to the left and right sides of the telescope. When used, the straps can be hung on the user's neck to prevent damage to the telescope.

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