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The Working Principle Of Outdoor Telescopes
Jul 28, 2018

The working principles of the outdoor telescopes are as follows.

Optical index

Some basic optical indicators of telescopes have their own definition for outdoor sports.

Resolution: This is the first indicator. A poor resolution mirror helps you see crocodiles as trunk.

Exit pupil: it can be simply divided into multiple by caliber. The bigger the number, the better you can catch your prey under dark lines.

Color reduction: partial colors exist on many telescopes, and general observations may require less strict, but if they are used for field birds, you can't correctly describe the color of birds' feathers.

Coating: a false Russian telescope with a bright red film on the street is a real rape of the eyes. It makes the light loss, color restores problems, and it is easy to incur glare, and the best coating can make you almost invisible to the lens.

performance index

Waterproof: in order to prevent the infiltration of rainwater or the fog in cold weather, and even the dust that is caused by the bad use of a long time, the nitrogen - filled waterproof can fundamentally solve the problem, even if it is lost in the water, there are also some nitrogen - free military telescopes that are well sealed, as long as they are not in the water. The general rain, snow and sand can still be dealt with.

Shock absorption: inadvertent bump is inevitable in the field for a long time. The telescope is not ideal for design structure or workmanship. It is easy to cause optical damage such as axle weight, so a thick rubber outsourced on the mirror is a very good protective measure, in addition to shock absorption, it can also improve hand feeling and grip.

Magnification: in the outdoors, the use of the telescope is generally to observe the terrain, enjoy the scenery, watch the bird watching the beast, considering the hand shock and optical requirements, the use of the multiple of 6-8 times is very suitable. As for the caliber, 20-40mm is ideal according to the different emphasis and requirement.

Portability: outdoor sports itself requires a large number of equipment and supplies. In the case of every gram of weight affecting physical strength, it is unrealistic to ignore volume and weight unilaterally in pursuit of optical performance. In a sense, the spear shield of weight and optical performance is irreconcilable, large aperture and high brightness. The mirror, which inevitably leads to a sharp increase in the weight of the whole, can make a satisfactory compromise between the weight and the optical requirement, according to the individual's demands and interests.  The telescope of the roof prism has relatively small volume and weight, and is easy to carry. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high because of the complexity of manufacture.

Many people do not understand the working principle of outdoor telescopes. Through the introduction of the above, we have a certain understanding of the working principle of outdoor telescopes.

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