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Travel Telescope Single Or Double Good
Sep 02, 2018

When people are traveling, they don't know whether it's a single or a pair of binoculars when they choose which one will do well. What's the difference between the two, and what conditions should we choose between one or two telescopes? Is it better to go out and travel with one or two binoculars?

From the explanation below you will know whether it is a monocular or binoculars;

Single or double cartridge?

This is not certain, can't say to go to ratio like this. There are multiple high for single barrel and multiple high for double barrel. For example, if an astronomical telescope is a multiple of a single can, then a double can is much higher, and if you're looking at Galileo's old single can some times higher than a double can.

Is the effect of single tube good or double tube good?

Can tell you clearly the double-barrelled should be better than the single-barrelled effect, three-dimensional sense is strong. It is obvious whether you should look with one eye or two at the same time. Two eyes, of course, see more clearly, have more depth, and are much more comfortable. But don't forget what you do when you choose.

The difference between a monocular and binoculars

The principle is the same, no one is better than the other. The only difference is the design is different, meet the user demand is different, sample. It exists because it needs to, otherwise we wouldn't be comparing these two telescopes.

What are the options for single and double cartridges

1. If you use a lot for outdoor travel, bird watching or football games, concerts, etc., then choose binoculars, whose internal structure is more stable and stable than that of a single can, which is more convenient to carry.

2. If you are looking at the astronomical landscape, you have to choose a high-power telescope. It has a special triangulation stand and if you're bird-watching for quality and you need a camera to take a picture and you have to choose a single, double-barrelled camera which is very inconvenient.

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