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Use Of Outdoor Telescopes
Aug 19, 2018

Outdoor telescopes are very practical travel equipment, with the development of science and technology, outdoor telescopes have also launched a lot of types, on the original basis also increased a lot of functions, so the use of outdoor telescopes need to be more mastered.

The use of outdoor telescopes is as follows.

1. Adjust pupil distance.

First of all, my telescope is a rotating eyepatch system. When you use the eyepatch, you first rotate the eyepatch to the highest point (as is usually the case). If you wear glasses or when the eyepatch reaches the highest point, you still can't see the full field of view or the dark shadow in the field of view (shadow), you need to adjust the eyepatch to the most comfortable height of your glasses.

2. Adjust eye distance.

Change the distance between the two telescopes of the telescope until the left and right sides are viewed as a circular field of view. At this time, the exit distance of the two lenses is consistent with the distance between the two pupil of the human eye.

3. Focus

First turn the middle adjusting mechanism of the telescope to the handwheel until the left eye can see the target. Then turn the visual hand wheel of the right eyepiece, so that the right eye can see clearly the target.

4. Observation

The telescope can be roughly aligned to observe the target and turn the middle adjusting mechanism, so that both eyes can quickly see the target. For the scenery with different distances, you can quickly see clearly by turning the middle adjusting mechanism.

Matters needing attention

The rotary eye mask must be lowered back to the position when it is finished, otherwise it may damage the eye lift because of carelessness.

Because of the telescope's focusing function, it is not suitable to observe bright objects, especially the sun, which can damage your eyes.

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