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What Are The Effects Of Building Blocks On Children?
Aug 19, 2018

Buildings are usually cubic wooden or plastic solid toys, usually decorated with letters or drawings on each surface, allowing for different arrangements or architectural activities in various styles of building blocks, can develop children's intelligence, can be built into houses, a variety of animals and so on. What are the effects of building blocks on children?

The impact of building blocks on babies:

1, handle visual input through some actions. Good hand touch and eye coordination are also good for general body coordination and balance.

2. Creativity and imagination can encourage children to try new ideas, help them gradually form an innovative thinking and constantly find new ways to solve problems.

3, it is conducive to the development of "space wisdom". In the process of toy building blocks, children constantly study the layout and structure, which helps them to grasp the shape of objects, distinguish the spatial orientation, grasp the two-dimensional and three-dimensional space and its transformation.

4. Help children learn to draw conclusions through reasoning, including mathematical, logical reasoning, scientific analysis and other forms of thinking. This ability is needed for effective statistics, measurement, reasoning, induction, analysis, etc. as children grow up.

More than two-year-old children's spatial concepts, language, thinking and imagination have developed, hand movements, hand-eye coordination, can do slightly more complex things. At this point, you can give him the choice of standard building blocks, such as two semicircles right into a circle, two short blocks add up to the length of a long block and so on. This kind of building blocks can give children more space to create and express.

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