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What Binoculars Should Be Used To Observe The Constellations
Jul 28, 2018

Human exploration of the universe has never stopped since the beginning of human civilization. With the exploration, the universe is divided into many galaxies, and the constellations are in the galaxies. But human beings appear to be too small in the face of the universe. What can be seen only by the naked eye is very limited. So by means of a specialized telescope such as a telescope, what kind of telescope should be used to observe the constellations?

The telescopes used to observe the stars are called astronomical telescopes. It is an important tool for observing celestial bodies. It is no exaggeration to say that without the birth and development of the telescope, there is no modern astronomy. With the improvement and improvement of the telescope's performance in various fields, astronomy is also undergoing great leap forward and rapidly advancing the understanding of the universe.

Astronomical telescopes are generally divided into refraction type, catadioptric type, modern large telescope, space telescope and so on. The refracting telescopes are also divided into Galileo and Kepler telescopes, and the reflexotelescopes have the Schmidt reflector and the Mark telescope; the common modern large telescopes include the Haier telescope, Keck telescope, optical telescope, binoculars, and infrared telescopes. The telescope has a Harbert space telescope, a space astronomical telescope and a lunar observatory.

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