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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To Using A Telescope?
Jul 28, 2018

What needs to be noted is: 1, absolutely can not directly use the telescope to watch the sun, otherwise it will burn the retina, and will cause certain damage to the main mirror; 2, do not use the telescope as a toy, the telescope is a precision optical instrument, careful use and maintenance;

3, do not think that with a telescope anything can be seen, through a telescope can indeed see the naked eye can not distinguish the details of celestial bodies and celestial bodies, but the better to watch the better, the higher the price, there is no perfect telescope to choose the most important for themselves; 4, for each telescope, it has its proper magnification Number. Exceeding this multiple does not enhance resolution, but makes objects dark and hard to see. 5. If you can't identify more than five constellations in the night sky, don't be anxious to use a telescope, because it is impossible to find the stars that can be observed and the moon can only be seen; 6, astronomical telescopes can usually watch landscapes or animals and plants, and can easily get higher magnification than binoculars. However, the multiplying rate should be below 100 times, and 20-50 times the most appropriate.

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