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What Is A Monocular
Jan 08, 2019

What is a monocular

A monocular is an instrument that observes distant objects by collecting electromagnetic waves. In daily life, telescopes mainly refer to optical telescopes. But in modern astronomy, astronomical telescopes include radio telescopes, infrared telescopes, X-rays and gamma-ray telescopes [1]. The concept of modern astronomical telescopes extends further into the fields of gravitational waves, cosmic rays and dark matter.

A monocular telescope is a visual optical instrument for observing distant objects. It can enlarge a small angle of a distant object at a certain magnification, so that it has a large opening angle in the image space, making it impossible to use the naked eye. Objects that are seen or distinguished become clear and legible. Therefore, monoculars are an indispensable tool in astronomical and ground observations. It is an optical system that keeps the incident parallel beams still in parallel through the objective lens and the eyepiece.

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