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What Should You Pay Attention To Buying Binoculars?
Apr 11, 2018

Binoculars should be paid attention to? Binoculars are one of the most popular telescopes for astronomers, because binoculars are very clear to celestial bodies and can see darker objects, and the advantages of binoculars are very much, reducing the use of the tripod. The pain caused by pain in the cervical vertebra caused us.

One: when we buy binoculars, we must observe whether the binoculars are good, and only the high - quality telescopes can be displayed in appearance. For example: the painting quality of the telescope, the telescope's appearance processing precision, stability of the slit. So when we buy binoculars, we should not be deceived by the surface dressing of telescopes.

Two: we can use light to see if the lenses of the telescope have bruises, scratches, stains and mildew, and the glue surface inside the telescope is more moldy. If we see that the surface of the objective has purple or amber light, it means that the antireflection coating is plated, which can reduce the loss of reflected stars.

Three: the shining brightness of the good binoculars is very well proportioned, and the surrounding is really dark and hungry. If we buy the binoculars that are bright around, in general, it is shown in a square state, which means that the prism of the telescope is not very good, if we will have a lot of light. The line reflection will generate stray light on the inner wall of the lens barrel.

Four: good binoculars, if we are observing the distant scenery, the image is very obvious. This means that its optical quality is very good. If the image is not very vague, it means that the quality of the telescope is very poor.

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