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What Type Of Telescope Is Suitable For Outdoor Travel
Oct 14, 2018

Those who like to travel know that the telescope is an indispensable equipment, it can let the scenery take a full view, no longer miss each scenery, of course, the friends of the donkey friends annoyance, what type of telescope is suitable for outdoor travel?

Choose the following types of telescopes for outdoor travel;

Conditions of telescopes suitable for traveling

1. Small size and light weight

Travel binoculars are always carried around, so small size and light weight are very important. Unless you are a professional, you should choose a small, lightweight telescope in addition to a larger, larger one.

Keep your horizons as wide as possible

Binoculars are small in size and light in weight, so the caliber of the telescope will be small (the size of the telescope directly determines the size and weight of the telescope). While the aperture is small, if the design of the telescope is not very clever, this small pocket telescope, the vision will be small. If the scope of the telescope is too small, it will have a narrow view of the tour. Travel telescopes need to be as panoramic as possible.

3. High definition

Except travel, is to see the beautiful scenery. If the telescope is not sharp, the beautiful scenery will become ugly. A low - definition telescope, when traveling is better than no.

On the other hand, travel telescopes are small in size, and those who know a little about the telescope know that the size of the telescope directly affects the transmittance and brightness. So the small size of the telescope, must require very good lenses and coating, otherwise the effect can not meet the requirements.

2. What size should a tourist telescope choose

The telescope has two important indicators, one is the magnification and one is the aperture.

Never go for a big multiplier

At magnification, travel telescopes prefer small ones rather than large ones. The reason is that the larger the telescope's magnification, the easier it is to shake. Theoretically, if the multiple is more than 10 times, the tripod should be used. Another point, like a seven-fold, eight-fold, ten-fold telescope, basically feels about the same size from a distant object.

The average person has a mistake, the larger the multiple, see farther. In fact, the telescope can see far, the most important depends on the telescope clarity. However high the magnification rate, the clarity is no good, nor is it.

For all tourist telescopes, it is recommended to choose a range of 7-10 times, preferably 7-8 times. Easier to control.

2. The caliber is recommended to be 25-32mm

As I said, the larger the size, the larger the weight of the telescope. But again, with a larger aperture, the telescope will theoretically be sharper and brighter for the same brand and model. But it's not absolute.

3. The weight is suggested to be below 450 grams

About this weight of the telescope, in the first weight, you basically won't feel it heavy.

4. It is recommended to choose the size below the palm

Such a volume in the hand is appropriate

5. In cases of acceptable size and size, be sure to choose the one with the largest visual field

When choosing the field of vision, be sure to note that the field of vision of different types of telescopes is very different even with the same caliber and magnification. Visual field manufacturer has nominal, but make reference only. The manufacturer's data generally refers to the width of the field of view at 1000 meters. As a small and mini telescope, if the field of view can reach 120 meters, it is very good. If it can reach 130 meters, it's fantastic. Because this is a 120 meter metric that a lot of very large telescopes like a 50MM telescope can't reach.

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