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Which Type Of Telescope Can Identify The Degree Of Light Pollution
Sep 02, 2018

Light pollution is a threat to human life. Therefore, it is necessary to have accurate detection of light pollution and further study methods of prevention and treatment. However, there is a lot of uncertainty about the effect of various aspects of light pollution, which requires professional tools to accurately identify the degree of light pollution.

Light pollution is divided into nine levels depending on the severity of the pollution, and one way to identify specific levels is to use galaxies or constellations, so that telescopes, especially telescopes, are a must. Which type of telescope can identify light pollution levels?

The telescope used to observe the stars is called the astronomical telescope. It is an important instrument for observing the celestial bodies. Without the birth and development of the telescope, there would be no modern astronomy. With the improvement and improvement of telescope performance in all aspects, astronomy is also experiencing a huge leap, rapidly advancing human understanding of the universe.

Astronomical telescopes are generally divided into several types, such as refractive, refractive, modern large telescopes and space telescopes. The refractive telescopes are divided into Galileo telescope and Kepler telescope. The reflectance telescope has Schmitt reflectance telescope and mark sutoff telescope; The common modern large telescopes are haier telescope, keck telescope, optical telescope, Gemini telescope, infrared telescope and so on. Space telescopes include the Hubble space telescope, the space telescope and the lunar observatory.

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